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Dear customer, our team is committed to provide global citizens an access to cost effective psychological wellbeing services, whether you live in a deserted rural area of country or metropolitan cities. At MindGlass you can chose a best expert to consult from directory of Psychological professionals in India. You can find a budget psychologist on our platform. We're committed to Provide quality health and wellness counseling and psychoeducation sessions in your native language and at nearest to homes, and online! We're recruiting experts from Pan India to join us and serve the community. Hope you all Enjoy a live consultation session with our experts! MindGlass also offer skill development and training programs, workshops in psychology and counseling psychology, conferences and seminars on psychological assessment, research, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Addiction counseling, life skills, and coping skills for psychology graduates, researchers, multidisciplinary experts as well as for the corporate, schools, community, NGO's and government organizations. If you're interested in our programs then you can surely reach out to us. Please don't forget to share and rate your experience with us.

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