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We are committed to providing health and wellness consultation, training, research, and care session to the community, organizations, NGOs, Govt agencies, and Individuals at an affordable cost.

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Greetings & WelcomeHO Tiwari


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Don't lie, who doesn't like to use a mobile phone for hours? Well, I use my phone to read articles, join Clubhouse, consult my Health Coach & nutritionist when I need. Keeping in mind how much we use our phones, we are launching activity-based health app. Will you download it?

~ CEO, MindGlass.

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I like to read good articles and books since my primary school days. Reading articles and books has not only shaped my vision and thinking in a way where I question on every occasion before any meeting or deal but also not being too logical everywhere. I like to read critical thinkers' columns and articles on global issues, market news, spirituality, astrology, and motivational biographies.

~ Hariom T., Director MindGlass

What type of articles do you read for refreshing your mind? Do you like reading articles by team MindGlass on Health, Science, Relationship, and Motivation?